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This Supremely Badass Tattoo Is The Feminist Ink You Need In Your Life

Are you down with RBG? If 'yes,' check out this tattoo artist's incredible work.

What makes a person truly "supreme"? Intellectual prowess, leadership, confidence - all of these qualities tend to fall under the umbrella of that word.

All of these things, plus being an associate justice on the SUPREME Court of the United States are what make Ruth Bader Ginsburg just that - "supreme." Her universally-acclaimed badassery has earned her a growing fanbase, a tumblr, a fan-baby (or baby-fan?), and of course, the nickname "Notorious R.B.G."

To illustrate, here is a picture of RBG being the best...with some Destiny's child lyrics:


Ruth Bader Ginsberg has championed women's rights for decades and has inspired ladies all over to feel empowered and independent. She's certainly inspired D.C. tattoo artist Nikki Lugo, who might have the coolest addition to the ever-growing RBG fan art army:

Lugo is deeply inspired by strong women and prominently features them in her art. Check out a few of her rad, lady-centric designs:

If you're itching to get that Hillary or Beyoncé tattoo you've always wanted, you can find Nikki at Tattoo Paradise in Washington, D.C.