Watch Josh Sheppard Lip Synch All Of 'Take My Breath Away' While Wingsuiting

Tragically, the BASE jumper died this week and we're remembering him with one of his best videos.

BASE jumper Josh Sheppard was widely revered in the skydiving community for his sense of humor, adventurous spirit and willingness to continually push the envelope with heart racing stunts that led him flying off the side of countless mountains and buildings. Sheppard, 31, died tragically on Wednesday, Jan. 14th, after his parachute failed to open during a jump from a Michigan TV news tower.

Sheppard, who was, in addition to being an epic adrenaline junkie, apparently also hilarious, left behind this unforgettable video of himself lip synching "Take My Breath Away," in its entirety, as he soars above the earth is as funny as it is mind blowing. Especially impressive is the way Sheppard times his aerial flips perfectly with the music. Just, wow. We will never look at karaoke or the sky in the same way. Talk about a top gun. Watch for yourself below.

In the words of friends remembering him today, Fly Free, Josh.