Here's Chris Hemsworth's Very Serious Hacker Face

This is how Thor types on the computer.

Chris Hemsworth, God of Thunder, is a man of many talents. He surfs, flexes, and wields a hammer like no other, but his typing? Not so good.

So in order to get up to speed for his upcoming film "Blackhat," in which he plays a genius hacker, Hemsworth put his manly Thor hands to work. Upon director Michael Mann's instruction, Hemsworth spent two-and-a-half months at an intense hacker bootcamp where he learned the ways of the code.

And ultimately, he was transformed from this:

Marvel Studios

Seriously. What a hack.

Into this:


Look at those fingers!

Good job, Thor.


For more on Hemsworth's transformation from Asgardian god of thunder to stealthy hacker, watch MTV News' full interview with the "Blackhat" star below.

"Blackhat" hits theaters on January 16, 2015.