Josh Gad From 'Frozen' Really, Really Doesn't Want To Do Olaf Lines For You

Some Leslie Manns are worth melting for.

According to surprisingly non-annoying anthropomorphized snowman Olaf from "Frozen," some people are worth melting for. According to human man Josh Gad, who voiced the animated pal, actress Leslie Mann is not one of those people.

In a bit during the Critics' Choice Awards last night (January 15), Mann begged Gad on-stage to recite her favorite line -- "some people are worth melting for" -- to her face, and, more importantly, to her satisfaction.

"We're not going to give out the award until I say it, are we?" a begrudging Gad said, as Mann critiqued his delivery and forced him to hold tiny snowman stick arms while gazing into her eyes.

Check out the video above of what director Judd Apatow (Mann's husband and another of the night's presenters) later called Mann's attempt to "f--k a snowman."