Sia Wore A Creepy Veil In Her 'SNL' Promo And We Can't Wait To See Her Perform

You do you, lady.

Sia, we really have to give you props for sticking to your I-don't-show-my-mug guns, because that promo you made for "Saturday Night Live" -- whoa that's weird. And we like it.

Sia will be performing on "SNL" this weekend, and to herald her guest spot, she appeared in a single promo with Kevin Hart and cast member Kate McKinnon. Well, "appeared" is a strong word. She's physically there and all, but she's wearing a veil over her face that Rihanna could totally make a thing if she wanted to. Remember those veiled beanies she used to rock? Those were weird.

Sia has been pretty dedicated to her aversion to showing her face for the album cycle of 1,000 Forms Of Fear, enlisting the likes of pint-sized dancer Maddie Ziegler and Lena Dunham to perform in her stead. We're pretty stoked to see how she handles taking the "SNL" stage tomorrow night. Here's hoping another sassy veil -- or, perhaps, Shia LeBeouf -- is involved.