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Ariana Grande Is Going Hard For The Honeymoon Tour: Here's Proof


Ariana Grande isn't taking it easy for the Honeymoon Tour. In fact, when she gets done practicing for her upcoming tour, she needs to surround herself with ice to cool down from a intensive day.

(Arnica is a homeopathic herbal drug used to suppress pain, so you know it's serious.) Be careful! And don't really die.

Ariana has been tweeting more and more about Honeymoon Tour, which supports her My Everything album. Shows kick off on February 25 in Kansas City.

We don't know much about what we'll see on tour -- except that it will be excruciatingly energetic for Grande -- but in a video posted by the "Love Me Harder" singer, she shows off her new Mi.Mu gloves gloves, made by collaborator Imogen Heap, that she'll be using onstage.

Just do us a favor, Ari? Get some rest!