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Katy Perry's Super Bowl Preparations Are, Um, Unusual

Katy Perry has already let us in on a few secrets behind her Super Bowl halftime performance, revealing the designer she tapped for her costumes—Jeremy Scott!—and the video she's watching for inspiration. Last night, though, she pulled the curtain back even further, revealing her beauty prep.

Katy shared this photo on Instagram and captioned it "IRL facetune #preppinforpuppybowl #swag #bringswagbackin2k15." First of all, Katy, #swag never left my vocabulary, so I am READY for 2015. Also, um, what's going on here?

Is slathering your face in cream and then covering it in plastic wrap a thing? Should I be doing that nightly? Also, is that statue heading to the tanning booth? She is pretty pale, but tanning is dangerous, girl!

Considering all the prep Katy is putting in, her halftime performance is, undoubtedly, going to be amazing. Can it just be February 1 already?