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'Fifty Shades' Tickets Are Selling Harder And Faster Than Any R-Rated Movie Ever

Your Inner Goddess has a Fandango account, and isn't afraid to use it.

If you want to see "Fifty Shades of Grey" this Valentine's Day, you're going to have to grab that cattle prod and beat down fellow moviegoers -- or just buy your tickets in advance, either one.

Fandango announced via release on Friday (January 16) that the hotly anticipated BDSM romance was the fastest-selling R-rated movie in its 15-year history, outpacing 2010's “Sex and the City 2” and 2011's “The Hangover Part II" a month before its release. (Apparently, people like sequels. Who knew?!)

"It's tracking to be Fandango’s fastest-selling R-rated movie of all time," Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger said in the release. “Very few books can claim true national phenomenon status -- and ‘Fifty Shades’ ranks with ‘Twilight,’ 'The Hunger Games’ and ‘Gone Girl' as novels that entered the zeitgeist from coast to coast. Fans of the book have been waiting for years to see their favorite sexy characters come to life on the big screen, and they are clearly fueling our sensational advance sales."

Of course the fact that the film was given an "unusual behavior" warning by the Motion Picture Association of America may have actually helped fuel fan desires. This means that a lot of the book's trademark kink has likely made the final cut, which should soothe some of the pain of Jamie Dornan announcing that he would not be showing his "todger" onscreen.