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Your State's Most Popular Food Isn't What You Might Think It Is

Believe it or not, burgers and pizza don't top the list.

When you try to decide on takeout, do you struggle coming up with anything other than the usual for your area? Turns out, it may not be the usual.

Yelp and the Huffington Post have mapped out which foods are the most disproportionately popular in each state -- compared to the national average -- and it's destroyed some of our assumptions.

Sure, some of the results are predictable: Seafood is the top option in Maine, the South eats Southern, Texas has the most Tex-Mex and Pennsylvania doles out the most cheesesteaks.

But others are straight out of left field: In Alaska, Filipino food is most prevalent, gluten-free fare rules in Colorado, Idaho goes for gastropubs and pizza takes the cake not in New York (Kosher wins there) or Illinois (Pakistani), but in Indiana. Here's the map:

To get the data, Yelp calculated the percentage of total restaurants each cuisine represented in a given state. Then, that proportion was compared to the food type's representation in eateries nationwide. For example, Cajun food is the most disproportionately popular cuisine in Louisiana, because there are 1,540% more Cajun restaurants there than in the rest of the country.

Keep in mind, restaurants can be counted more than once. For example, a Kosher vegetarian Chinese restaurant would count as Kosher, vegetarian and Chinese. Head over to HuffPo for the top five most disproportionately represented cuisines in each state, and also to learn that "buffet" is a type of cuisine now.