How Long Can Johnny Bananas' 'Challenge' Ceasefire With Wes Last?

They've each given the other a pass, but there can only be peace for so long...

"Battle of the Exes 2" has already stirred the pot by forcing ex-couples to pore over soured relationships, but the game's most tense duel might exist between two men for whom there's been no love lost.

For years, Johnny Bananas and Wes have been at each other's throats and have moved mountains to rid each "Challenge" installment of the other (on Tuesday night's episode, Wes pointed out that JB, himself, was responsible for nominating Wes into SEVEN elimination rounds). So when Wes and Theresa were crowned champions of the season's very first mission, "I Got You, Babe," Wes unsurprisingly jumped at the chance to send his enemy to The Dome.

But then...he didn't.

"I just want to emphasize how much fun you know I would have saying your name," Wes declared to his enemy, but after thinking things over, he and Theresa ultimately decided to avoid ruffling feathers too soon. And so, Dustin and Jessica were thrown to the wolves.

Then, in "Rounding the Bases," Johnny and Nany evened the score by notching a win and found themselves in a similar predicament -- was eliminating Theresa and Wes worth the potential ramifications? Nany seemed to think so, especially since she and Theresa were on terrible terms, but ultimately, Theresa and Wes were spared in favor of nominating rookies Thomas and Hailey to compete in a Dome battle.

"It's still too early to shake things up," Nany assessed.

Now, these longtime adversaries have each given the other a pass, but considering their history of discord, is it really possible that JB and Wes could go through the whole season without trying to oust the other? Or will this ceasefire end sooner than later? Tell us what you think, and be sure to tune in to the next "Challenge" episode Tuesday night at 11/10c!