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Chelsea Houska's Daughter Has A New Partner In Crime

Hint: This person is close to the five-year-old's mama!

Whether they're dying their locks or enjoying seasonal activities, Chelsea Houska and her darling daughter Aubree are a perfectly precious pair. But the "Teen Mom 2" kiddo seems to have a new partner in crime -- sorry, Chels! -- and it's someone who is near and dear to her mama.

"She is so in love haha," the 23-year-old captioned the Instagram clip above, which finds the five-year-old chuckling after Chelsea's fella Cole makes an amusing noise. THAT RASPY LITTLE LAUGH!

But Aubs and Cole's cute connection isn't just limited to nighttime giggle fests: Chelsea has shared some other sweet snaps of her gal and her man during some recent together time.

Chelsea Houska's Instagram

"Oh my goodness I love these two," the South Dakota native added along with the pic above of the two grabbing a bite.

And they are also perfectly happy "goofing" around on the couch as well -- who could blame them?!

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Keep the pics, and vids, a comin' of these two, Chelsea -- and feel free to join 'em as well.