Nicki Minaj Has 3 AM Twitter Convo About Sandwiches... Or Oral Sex... We're Not Sure

A big, honkin', delicious sandwich.

Let's just say Nicki Minaj has a very special relationship with her fans.

Nicki's Barbz weren't afraid to call out the rapper Friday morning (Jan. 16) when she tweeted a possibly dirty emoji, suggesting that she wanted someone to hurry up so they could, uh, do something with a tongue.

But Nick shut down the ever-so-curious Barbz, telling them she was just waiting for her friend Sherika to bring her a sub. Mmmhmm sure.

"A sandwich," huh? You're just waiting for your friend to bring you a sub at 3 a.m.? If so, what is the sandwich? Oh. You have an answer.

And a picture.

Well, that's disappointing.

Some fans still weren't having it.

I want to cry.

And eat. Now I'm hungry.

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