Goodbye, Big Boat From 'Top Gun'

The U.S.S. Ranger is bound for that great big ocean in the sky.

Nearly thirty years after the action of 1986 hit "Top Gun," the time has finally come to say goodbye to the movie's most aged relic.

No, not Tom Cruise. We're talking about the naval carrier that served as "Top Gun"'s primary set. It was the platform that launched all the film's most thrilling fighter jet scenes; it was the deck on which Maverick and Goose forged their beautiful friendship.

It served as the backdrop for all kinds of locker-room drama between our daring young flyboy and his primary antagonist, Val Kilmer's teeth.

And of course, it stood nearby, a silent, stoic witness, during the most homoerotic game of beach volleyball ever to grace the screen.

Alas, after two decades' worth of attempts to save it, the supercarrier U.S.S. Ranger seems to be destined for a shipbreaking facility where it'll be reduced to a pile of scrap metal. According to TIME, a last-ditch campaign has been launched to fund the carrier's conversion into a museum (a la the Intrepid in New York City), but as previous attempts to save the Ranger have failed, it's probably just a pipe dream.

So today, in honor of the U.S.S. Ranger's proud service to movie history, let's give the ship a big, tearful hug as it begins its final journey on the highway to the danger zone. Final destination: Boat heaven.