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9 Ways You're Exactly Like Mega Man

Enjoy some free life advice from the little blue bot that could.

You don't have to be a cybernetic little hero to be exactly like Mega Man, the Capcom video game character first introduced in 1987.

The star of his own game franchise, several comics and cartoons, and even supporting appearances in other games, Mega Man is one of the most enduring icons of nerd culture — and believe it or not, you two have a ton in common.

No, really! Think about it…

  1. You're a warrior.

    You're not tearing flying robots apart with your hand-blaster, no, but every single day day, you're battling through level after level, overcoming difficult odds at every turn.

  2. You're customizable.

    Whether you're facing hardships at home, trouble at school, or braving impossible elements, you're always up for the challenge, because you're always able to adjust yourself and your attitude to the situation.

  3. You have enemies.

    They probably don't have names as cool as Metal Man. (Though maybe there is an evil Dr. Wily teaching chemistry at school…) But you've developed your own rogues gallery of goons, and you know how to take them all on.

  4. You have friends.

    They probably aren't robot dogs like Rush, and therefore not quite as cool, BUT! You know which friendly faces in your life you can always rely on when push comes to shove.

  5. You're up for a challenge.

    Can't get past the Fire Mans of your life? You keep trying. One of these days, you're finishing that challenge and snagging that fireball-blaster all for yourself. Just keep at it.

  6. You have awesome music.

    Goes without saying.

  7. You're cute!

    But that's not news, is it?

  8. You're blue.

    Only sometimes, hopefully. Don't take blue out of your wardrobe — it's a good color on Megs, certainly — and don't reject it from your mood, either, at least not entirely. You feel the way you want to feel, when you need to feel it. Just don't forget that before long, you'll have some proverbial robot bosses to bash.

  9. You're a legend.

    You don't have to defeat robots on the regular, or create any world-improving inventions, or become some famous celebrity icon in order to become a legend. Your actions and attitude speak for themselves, making you a legend in the lives of the people around you. Like Mega Man, you endure.