Stop What You're Doing, And Listen To DJ Mustard's New Beyonce Remix

This '7/11' remix. Dear god.

Forgive me, Beyoncé, for I have sinned.

Five and fifty days prior, you blessed us with "7/11," and to that I spun verily. And spinning begat holding my foot up. And holding my foot up begat putting my foot down. And putting my foot down begat flexing while my hand's up -- but now, my hand's up for another.

DJ Mustard hath remixed thine heavenly Platinum Edition track, and I could not summon the spiritual fortitude to resist temptation.

Truly, it is flawless. Were it not blasphemous to invoke thine holy trinity of asterisks, I might even dare to call it "***flawless." Beysus take the wheel.