Meet The 7 Most Adorable Players In The 2015 Kitten Bowl

Let the games begin. Right meow.

The Super Bowl isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t handle the click clack of helmets smashing together on the gridiron, and others just don't see the appeal of those insanely expensive commercials. Some people would rather have something a little more, well, purr-fect to watch on the night of the Big Game.

For those people, there’s the Kitten Bowl II.

That’s right, cat lovers, the Hallmark Channel is offering up the feline alternative to the Puppy Bowl for the second year in a row on February 1 to satisfy your craving for tiny cats at play.

So without further ado, say hello (meow?) to the players in this year’s contest.

  1. Cowhide

    This kitty's tough as pigskin.

  2. Snuggles

    Don't squeeze this bruiser, or else.

  3. Nom Nom Nom Suh

    This cat'll stomp your noggin in the ground.

  4. Squints

    Now you see him, now you don't.

  5. Shadow

    This feline is all over you.

  6. Clawvin Johnson

    Best paws in the litter.

  7. Ryan Fitzcatrick