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How To Block Out The Haters, According To Miley Cyrus

No spoons required.

The task of blocking out one's haters has plagued humanity since it was swirling around in the primordial soup. For centuries, the only guaranteed method of success involved two plastic spoons. Here, let Brandon Bowen demonstrate.

That all ends now, for Miley Cyrus might have just stumbled upon that long sought after panacea to make thine haters suck it once and for all.

On Thursday (January 15), the "Wrecking Ball" singer posted a photo of a woman (possibly herself?) sticking one hand down her high-cut Daisy Dukes, which she captioned: "a masturbate a day keeps the haters away."

I'm going to wait until I see a peer-reviewed study by a team of medical professionals before I totally co-sign Miley's claim, but I've gotta give it up to her for trying to make everyone feel less weird about their bodies and stuff.

"Feelin' Myself" reference!