The Very Best Suck And Blow Moments From 'The Challenge' -- In GIFs!

Some former flames passed the mission with flying colors, but more than a few accidentally locked lips.

This season's "Challenge" competitors have at one point -- and for some, during an extended period of time -- shared some sweet smooches with their partners. But since they're all currently "exes," the thought of potentially locking lips excited some (just CT, really), and turned almost all of them completely off.

During the first round of this week's "Rounding the Bases" mission, the former flames had to participate in a good old-fashioned game: suck and blow. While "Are You the One?" rookies John and Simone got into a fantastic rhythm and nabbed first place during this part of the challenge, non-communicative past lovers Johnny and Averey -- who finished dead last -- looked completely hopeless and just like Cher and Elton during that memorable "Clueless" house bash.

Outcome and standings aside, we found ourselves howling during this rousing version of the classic competition -- and their commentary was on point, to boot. Take a look at some of our favorite moments below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Battle of the Exes 2" on Tuesday at 11/10c!

  1. The notorious vet was raring and ready for Diem to come at him...
  2. But when the blond beauty came in for the kill, they shared a quick peck -- and their first kiss since "Rivals 2."
  3. That time in the Boom Boom Room certainly paid off for John and Simone -- just look at their perfect form!
  4. Bananas and Nany experienced the card slip, but they certainly weren't the only ones.
  5. Just ask Sarah and her partner Jordan, who exclaimed "S**t!" shortly after their mouths briefly touched.
  6. Even though Zach admitted that he would rather kiss the seat in a nearby porta-potty than his erstwhile GF Jonna, the former couple got into a good rhythm.
  7. But the same couldn't be said for Johnny, who declared he couldn't get "any suction" with Averey.
  8. Meanwhile, Adam praised Brittany's ability to "always be a good sucker" -- even though it meant inhaling his nose.
  9. Last, but certainly not least, Jemmye blamed her poor performance on her partner Knight -- and even said that she wished she had hooked up with Leroy during a previous "Challenge."
  10. But their effort was so tongue-tastic, it deserves two quality angles.