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The Vamps Recreate Classic Boy Band Pics Of One Direction, ‘NSYNC, Backstreet Boys And More

This is the best thing you'll see all day.

For years they've ruled the charts, and they've ruled our hearts. Of course, I'm talking about boy bands.

From the Backstreet Boys to 'NSNYC to One Direction, they've all made us swoon with their good looks and had us singing along to their oh-so-perfect lyrics. But of course, at other times, they have also had us questioning their fashion choices and questionable poses.

But all of that stuff just comes with the boy band territory, and those emerging boy bands have to know the drill. We are looking at you, The Vamps.

The British foursome stopped by MTV News recently and we put them through our boy band boot camp, which basically meant they had to recreate some amazing boy band poses from throughout the years to make sure they are fully prepared for what's ahead. And I have to be honest, I think they nailed it.

So You Want It That Way?

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

Then take it from the Backstreet Boys and perfect an uncomfortable pose in front of a palm tree.

This Is What Makes You Beautiful

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

One Direction have mastered the art of feeding each other, while looking adorable, and it looks like The Vamps have done it as well.

What's The Deal With This Pop Life?

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

If you don't follow this formula, it may fade 'NSYNC. So spread those wings and soar.

It's Easy As One, Two, Three

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

A classic pose, from The Jackson 5. That's how it's done.

They Look So Perfect Standing There

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

With their tongues out and peace signs up. Take it from 5SOS and 'don't stop doing what you're doing,' because it works.