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Cara Delevingne Just Landed A Menswear Campaign Like A Boss

For DKNY, obviously.

Just a few days after appearing in the steamiest underwear ads of the year so far (sorry, Justin Bieber), Cara Delevingne has once again showed that she's one of the most versatile models around. Her latest campaign for DKNY couldn't be farther away on the spectrum, not just because she's fully clothed—but she's wearing all men's clothes.


At first we did a double take because she's that convincing at looking like one of the guys. In the men's campaign for DKNY, she wears a black suit and tie, her hair down and messy and her face is bare. The only thing leaning more towards womenswear than men's are her platform sneakers.

It looks like–once and for all–there is truly nothing Cara can't pull off.