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Beanie Sigel Is Readying A New Mixtape Following Recent Shooting

With the help of Jahlil Beats.

Beanie Sigel suffered quite a health scare last month when he was the victim of a shooting that reportedly left him temporarily unable to speak and resulted in the removal of a lung.

Thankfully, it looks like he's steadily on the mend and when he's fully ready to get back to music, he'll be at work on a mixtape with Jahlil Beats.

“I’m just happy that Beans is OK now,” the producer told NahRight. “He just came home. As soon as he get right, we going right back in the lab.”

When they do, they'll be prepping Still Public Enemy, a Beans project primarily produced by Jahlil.

(Beanie being released from the hospital last week)

"It’s like a mixtape, but it’s like an album because [it has] all my sh--," he said. "Sh-- gonna be crazy. I got some surprises on that joint. I think Beans is still getting Green Lantern. Ain’t nothing changed, we just doing sh-- up-to-date. Some sh-- that is modern right now.”

In addition to news about that project, this week, we also got an update on Beans' status from friend and frequent collaborator Freeway.

"It definitely was an unfortunate situation you know, we need everybody to keep giving their prayers to Beans," he told RevoltTv. "He’s coming along, he home now. He’s with his family, he’s resting. He should be back in tip-top shape in a couple months."

Until then, at least we know we've got some new music to look forward to.