How We Think The Oscar Nominees Reacted, In GIFs From Their Movies

Their responses are moving.

We've been hearing from the newly minted Oscar nominees all morning, reading their carefully composed "honored"s and "thank you"s and "#blessed"s (and in Emma Stone's case, "f--k"s). But how did they look when they got the news of their nominations this morning?

Using super-secret spy gear, we've captured exactly how the nominees reacted to their Academy Award nominations*. (*Note: Super-secret spy gear=the internet, reactions=GIFs from their previous roles.)

  1. Bradley Cooper reacts to his "American Sniper" Best Actor nomination
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch reacts to his "The Imitation Game" Best Actor nomination
  3. Michael Keaton reacts to his "Birdman" Best Actor nomination
  4. Eddie Redmayne reacts to his "Theory of Everything" Best Actor nomination
  5. Marion Cotillard reacts to her "Two Days, One Night" Best Actress nomination
  6. Felicity Jones reacts to her "The Theory of Everything" Best Actress nomination
  7. Julianne Moore reacts to her "Still Alice" Best Actress nomination
  8. Rosamund Pike reacts to her "Gone Girl" Best Actress nomination
  9. Reese Witherspoon reacts to her "Wild" Best Actress nomination
  10. Emma Stone reacts to her "Birdman" Best Supporting Actress nomination
  11. Mark Ruffalo reacts to his "Foxcatcher" Best Supporting Actor nomination
  12. Steve Carell reacts to his "Foxcatcher" Best Actor nomination