Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber Responds To The Photoshop Controversy: 'Lol'

Nothing gets between Bieb and his, um, towel.

Were Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads Photoshopped? Were they not Photoshopped? One thing is clear: JB's laughing all the way to the bank.

Literally. The 20-year-old singer addressed the rumors on Wednesday (January 14) by posting a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption: "Photoshop lol."

He's shirtless in the pic, exerting the absolute minimal effort required to keep that towel from falling to the ground. And yet, the towel remains lazily draped over his hips. I guess gravity isn't a Belieber.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Photoshopping rumors. Bieber doesn't seem too bothered by them. I mean, he's a famous celebrity. He's probably got more important things to worry about, like who's going to win the next match of Siberian tiger polo on Secret Rich Person Island.