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Even Beyonce Peeks At Her Guy's Phone, She's Just Like You

Bey and Jay deal with normal couple things.

I don't have any statistics to prove this, but I feel pretty confident in saying that just about every woman who's been in a relationship has peeked over her significant other's shoulder at some point to see his phone. Or, at the very least, she's asked him to see who was texting at 3 a.m.

And, apparently, Beyoncé is just one of us girls in that regard.

Bey and her husband Jay Z sat courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game earlier this week, where cameras caught the "Drunk in Love" singer straining her eyes a bit to see what Hov was doing on his iPhone.

It wasn't a big deal though, because Jay was happy to show her whatever he was looking at and they even shared a good laugh over it. Nothing wrong with a little curiosity.

And, by the way, guys are often guilty of peeking as well.