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Think You're A Jay Z Fan? Then You Better Know These Rare Songs

Old Hov, new joys.

Jay Z has announced no official follow up plans to his 2013 album Magna Carta Holy Grail, and as much as we hope and think one is on the way, who knows when that day will come. But in the meantime, we can quench our thirst for some new Hov rhymes with some old -- very old -- but rarely heard ones.

As Mass Appeal points out, someone pieced together a bunch of seldom-heard-these-days tracks from Jay during the pre-Reasonable Doubt era, and packaged them together as his "demo tape" on Soundcloud. We're not sure that this was actually a demo tape that Jay was shopping around before his first album dropped, but it's certainly an exhibition of an individual who has become one of the most celebrated rappers of all-time and most recognizable celebrities as a raw and unproven lyricist flexing his chops. Some of the tracks have popped up on mixtapes in the past (you can even hear DJ drops), but we're betting most Hov fans have never heard these.

It's always fun to revisit early work from rappers who have ascended to a new plateau -- like this guy -- and listen to how the musical and lyrical style has evolved and changed through the years. This right here is no different.