This Amazing Portrait Of Kim Kardashian Is Made Entirely Out Of Emoji

Crying kitty, crystal ball, silly ghost.

Some artists use paint. Some use clay. Some even use their genitalia. Yung Jake, however, uses emoji. At least for the moment.

The other week, -- a site that lets you draw with pizza, kitties, smiley faces and poo -- hit the scene, letting us amateur Picassos write our names in shrimp until we promptly get bored and distracted and -- look! A pigeon!

Rapper and artist Yung Jake, though, stuck it out. And the results... Um, just look:

Feeling wildly inadequate right about now? Us, too. Don't worry, though. Jake is just infinitely more talented than the majority of us emoji-slingers -- not only did he help create an incredible interactive music video, "," he also works for Adult Swim.

[Insert praying hands emoji here.]