Raury Addresses Racial Violence And Healing On New Song 'Fly'

The ATL rapper was inspired by the events in Ferguson.

The circumstances surrounding Michael Brown's death -- and the events that followed the shooting -- deeply affected the hip-hop community (just as it affected millions of people across the nation) and in Raury's first release of 2015, we get to hear his feelings on the tragic events.

"I wrote Fly right after hearing that Darren Wilson was not being indicted for murdering Mike Brown," Raury explained on Twitter. "I wrote it instantly..."

The Atlanta rapper released the emotional, acoustic song called "Fly" on Wednesday (Jan. 14) in collaboration with Malik Shakur.

"I'm afraid I'll die/ And you can look at me and never wonder why, because I'm brown and young and my...hair it is nappy," he begins the song. "And if I spend a day outside, just doing normal things inside my hometown and be the wrong place, wrong time...I could be dying."

Despite the difficult subject of the song, it's meant to be uplifting, with the positive and soaring refrain, "I hope one day we'll fly."