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9 Items Every Party Girl Should Keep In Her Purse

Be prepared. Be very prepared.

The life of a party girl is one that’s filled with spontaneity, laughter and the occasional case of getting kicked out of a casino for not wearing shoes. If you live for wild nights -- and refer to still being in your miniskirt at 10 a.m. as a “Walk of Pride” -- then rolling with these essentials is sure to save your ass and help you keep the party (or at least your dignity) going.

  1. Advil

    The only thing worse than waking up on some random dude’s stained futon is the splitting headache that reminds you how you got there in the first place. Have some painkillers on hand; they'll help you clear your head enough to decide whether to go to brunch with him.

  2. Makeup wipes

    The choice between passing out with foundation on and drying your face with a stranger’s inexplicably crunchy washcloth is a lose/lose proposition. Keep wipes in your purse and leave the raccoon eyes to the animals rummaging through that alley you puked in.

  3. Colgate Wisps

    These miraculous mouth-cleaning devices are tiny, effective and will help you avoid saying goodbye with breath that smells not-so-faintly of tequila and garbage?

  4. Red lipstick

    A responsible party girl has to be ready to jump into having fun at a moment’s notice, so avoid having to turn down an adventure because you don’t think you look cute enough. Red lipstick instantly dresses up even a t-shirt and jeans, and brings out your inner T-Swift.

  5. Emergen-C

    Some people believe that Vitamin C helps to prevent hangovers. Of course, the best prevention is to not drink too much -- but if you realize early in the night that this will be one for the ages, then downing an envelope of this stuff in water may help make tomorrow a little brighter. (The flavor-enhancing powder also works to disguise the taste of subpar tap water, if you wake up parched in a house that doesn’t have a Brita filter.)

  6. $20

    You never know when you’ll have to bribe a security guard or take a cab or buy an emergency breakfast burrito at a cash-only joint. Keep a bill hidden in your purse separate from where you keep your spending money.

  7. Band-Aids

    Dancing is fun. Trudging down the sidewalk with blisters the size of Texas isn’t. Arm yourself with the necessary materials to treat your battle wounds.

  8. A thong

    If the night goes well, you may want to keep the party going, but sporting yesterday’s panties can dampen the spring in your step. Being prepared with an extra pair of underwear will also allow you to shower, if the opportunity presents itself.

  9. Condoms

    Because, duh.