Future's "Real and True" video

Miley Cyrus Goes All Willow Smith, Contemplates Space And Time

I'm totally ready to take a trip across the universe with you, Miley.

Willow Smith has been harnessing the cosmic energy of the universe all her life, and most recently, she's been singing its praises on her new music. And while 13-year-old Willy is living one among the stars and galaxies, Miley Cyrus is now considering her place in the universe.

Miley covers the February issue of Marie Claire and answers questionnaire Qs like "What do you regret?" and "What do you lie about?" And when she was asked "What are you endlessly curious about?", Miley got all Willow on us:

"The concept of time and space," she answered. "And I can read conspiracy theories all day." I can just see her floating around the Milky Way now to the tune of her "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" cover. Hey, she played an alien in Future's "Real and True" video, so another intergalactic adventure is completely possible.

Admitting that she's excited for the life before her, the singer said her next album, the follow-up to 2013's Bangerz, "is gonna be really fun." And nothing says fun like studying supernovas.

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