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See The 'Hippie Outfit' Miley Cyrus Regrets Wearing

While Miley Cyrus has been all about that "Dirty Hippie" lifestyle for the past few months, there is one hippie outfit in her past that she regrets. In an interview with Marie Claire, Miley reveals she had some "shady wardrobe choices when I was about 16 to 18." The most regrettable, though? The one she wore to Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" premiere.

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The outfit—which Miley deems appropriate for Woodstock, but not a premiere—consisted of flared jeans, a floor-length fringed coat, and a sheer bustier. It is quite a departure from her recent hippie aesthetic—which made its NYFW debut at Jeremy Scott's Spring/Summer 2015 show—but, hey, she was 18. If you don't think you made some questionable fashion choices when you were 18, then you're confused.

You can check out the rest of Marie Claire's interview with Miley on their website, where she reveals the trends she is and isn't into, says some stuff about painting her pig's nails, and more.

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