Mike 'The Miz''s Twitter

Mike 'The Miz' And Abram Have A Good Ol' Fashioned 'Challenge' Reunion

And it didn't involve a nail-bitting elimination!

Mike "The Miz" and Abram Boise didn't always get to compete on the same team during various "Challenge" appearances (except for "Battle of the Sexes 2"), but that hasn't stopped the formidable vets from building a strong friendship outside of their "Real World" and "Road Rules" allegiances. In fact, the MTV buds just reunited, and the pic of the grinning guys almost makes you forget about that unforgettable "Gauntlet" face-off that sent A packing -- and into the bubble bath with Veronica and Rachel.

Mike 'The Miz''s Twitter

"Love seeing one of my @MTV RW/ RR family @AbramBoise last night @WWE Baton Rouge," the WWE star tweeted with the snapshot above. "Great memories w/ this guy."

Meanwhile, the "RR: South Pacific" alum was equally delighted to see the Midwesterner -- even though the visit was all too brief.

"Great night -- worked WWE Smackdown Baton Rouge & got to see an old friend from MTV - @mikethemiz," Abram added. "Wish we had more time, but off to Texas now."

Speaking of "great memories," take a fond look back at a truly unforgettable old-school moment during the show's storied history, courtesy of "The Miz" himself: After crushing the Montana native in a nail-biting face-off, Abram's "RR" teammates -- the lovely ladies V and R -- lured the platinum blond into the tub and eventually the shower for a threesome he'll surely never forget:

Share your thoughts on the pals' reunion below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Battle of the Exes 2" on Tuesday at 11/10c!