Who Wants To Give Anna From 'Frozen' A Cesarean Section?

*Sings* Do you wanna birth a baby?

If you can get your hands on it before Disney's legal team writes a cease-and-desist, there is now a "Frozen"-themed game app (released by a group called "Frozen Games") which features, among other things, a game in which you can play OBGYN to a pregnant Anna using some sort of surgical witchcraft.

"Anna Giving Birth" is the oddest offering of the bunch, although the rest of the games available are also pretty weird, including one that involves helping Anna and Kristoff clean up their house for the holidays. (Don't they have servants for that? They're royalty, for Pete's sake!)

Anyway, if you've ever yearned to take a scalpel to the pregnant belly of a Disney princess, you can go ahead and snag the app for yourself, you sick, sick bastard. But if you just want to see the madness within without actually having to get your hands dirty, Buzzfeed has played "Anna Giving Birth" (subhead: So you don't have to!) through to its logical horrifying conclusion.