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Did 'A' Just Trick Us All On 'Pretty Little Liars?' Yes, Of Course 'A' Did

Better luck next week, bitches.

You'd think by now the Liars would be used to "A's" tricks, but apparently, they're just as clueless as ever. Last night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" found Spencer and Caleb destroying a crucial piece of evidence that may have helped solve Mona's murder. But are their woes really over? Of course not! "A" is way too smart to let the Liars get the upper hand.

The episode also offered up some interesting developments with the other Liars. Emily struggled to keep her LDR with Paige afloat, Aria continued to stress about her future, and Ms. Marin and Jason DiLaurentis surprisingly hooked up. We love when "Pretty Little Liars" prioritizes emotion over the shock and awe factor of "A's" shenanigans. But the episode still left us with some major questions. (Seriously. Our heads are spinning.) Here are seven burning questions from "Fresh Meat":

  1. Can we trust Ali?
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    The obvious answer to this is "no," but we have to admit Ali made a valid point when Hanna paid her a visit in jail. If Ali was "Uber A," would she have let herself get locked up? Not to mention, "A" sent Ali that ominous message while she was already locked up, so the "Ali is 'A'" theory is starting to look even more unlikely.

    Ali also claimed that she was waiting for Cyrus when Mona died, but he never showed. Ali implied that this was a set-up to make her look like a suspect in Mona's murder. And honestly, we're starting to believe her.

  2. Is Toby turning his back on the Liars?

    During a police search in Mona’s backyard, Toby purposely ignored what could very well be the murder weapon. Why? Because he recognized the knife from his family’s cabin. But when he went to Spencer and Caleb with the news, all hell broke loose. He wanted to play good cop (lol) and leave it, but Spencer and Caleb knew that once "A" got his/her hands on it, they could all be going away for Mona's murder -- especially since the knife had Caleb's prints all over it.

    They all agreed to do “nothing.” So obviously Caleb and Spencer went rogue, found the bloody knife and brought it to a kiln to destroy it. When Toby found out Spencer went behind his back, he got upset. However, the whole reason Toby joined the police force was to help the Liars. Is Toby turning in his back on the Liars in lieu of a shiny Rosewood P.D. badge? Not cool, Pretty Eyes.

  3. What's up with Caleb's backstory?
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    The main reason Caleb needed to get rid of that bloody knife was because his prints were all over it, having previously borrowed it from Toby. And he's already been suspected of murder once (!!!), so he can't let that happen again.

    How is it that we're only now learning about the time Caleb was nearly put away for suspicion of murder?! His troubled hacker past seemed a little far-fetched, but seeing as he's also the same character who once saw ghosts, we guess we can believe it.

    “I can’t get hauled away on suspicion of murder. Again.” — Every person in Rosewood, probably.

  4. Does 'A' have the knife?
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    Of course "A" has the knife! "A" nearly killed Caleb by locking him in the kiln while Spencer wasn't looking. So what was stopping "A" from snagging the knife before the door was shut? "A" is always in control. If "A" does have the knife, then the Liars are in big trouble. Not only does it have Spencer and Caleb's prints on it, but Emily, Hanna, and Aria can all be seen as accessories to murder since they helped put Ali away. Good thing the Liars look good in orange.

  5. Where is Detective Holbrook?
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    Remember when Detective Holbrook wasn't a total creep? We miss those days. When Hanna found out about the possible murder weapon hidden on Mona’s property, she ditched her boring college weekend to visit a trailer park. Earlier in the episode Toby let slip that Holbrook was "out of town taking care of his dad.” So Hanna decided to pay her former book club buddy's dad a visit, and this got really creepy. Needless to say, Holbrook wasn't there.

    So, where is he? Is he off trying to get Ali off the hook for Bethany and Mona's murders?

  6. Are Emily and Paige headed for a breakup?
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    Emily found out first-hand how frustrating LDRs can be when your girlfriend won't reply to your messages. We thought Paily was going to be able to make it work long distance, but there might be trouble in paradise. Good thing Emily has a new friend in Talia, the professional chef Ezra hired at The Brew. Yeah, they're totally going to kiss.

  7. Will Ezra find out about Aria's email?
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    Aria nearly had a meltdown when she received a letter telling her that she had been been waitlisted from her safety school, Talmadge. But it turned out Ezra’s ex Jackie was on the admissions board, and by default, hated Aria. Real professional, right? So in a desperate attempt to get accepted, Aria penned a somewhat-nasty email detailing her supposed regret for missing so much of high school due to her relationship with an older man. Of course, once Emily told her how upset Ezra would be if he read it, she totally regretted writing it. So Aria travelled to Talmadge to ask her eskimo sister Jackie to delete the email. Instead, Jackie told Aria how much she wished she had never fallen in love with Ezra. (And just like that, Jackie is now the smartest character in the "PLL" universe!) Thanks to her man-hating email, Aria was accepted into Talmadge. Naturally, Aria's happiness lasted for approximately two seconds before she found a bookmark with an excerpt from her letter stuffed into a book at The Brew. It seems “A” has some new blackmail to use against Aria. So how long do you think it will be until Ezra finds the email?