Jennifer Lawrence Is Envious Of Her Fellow Star's Falling Down Skills

How do you make your head bounce like that?

Although Eddie Redmayne is technically the subject of this interview (in Interview magazine), it comes with a really fun twist: Jennifer Lawrence -- who was charged with calling the actor to chat with him and ask him questions -- ended up revealing just as much about herself during their conversation as she did about the "Theory of Everything" star.

The entire piece is delightful, and worth reading in full, but we've rounded up the best tidbits about each star if you only want the highlights. For instance:

Jennifer Lawrence is wildly envious of how well Eddie Redmayne falls down.

Although "The Theory of Everything" is decidedly not an action movie, Redmayne's big fall in the film (as he portrays Stephen Hawking suffering the early stages of ALS) was so impressive to the "Hunger Games" star that she begged him to reveal how he did it. ("How did you get your head to bounce like that?" Lawrence asks, awestruck.)

Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Lawrence share an unlikely love of trash TV.

Okay, for real? Like, 75% of this interview is Jennifer and Eddie going bananas about how much they love reality television, and it's amazing. While it doesn't exactly surprise us to learn that J-Law loves the Real Housewives (because come on, of course she does,) Eddie revealed that his favorite show ever is one of MTV's own.

"I'm a bit vintage. I go back to 'The Hills,'" he said. "Occasionally Audrina [Patridge] or Whitney [Port] will be on a website that I shouldn't be looking at, and I'm like, 'You know, I just want to check that they're doing all right, because it's my youth.' And the depressing thing is that it's not my youth. I was too old to be watching those programs when I was watching them."

Um, disagree: You are never too old to be sucked into the wild, wonderful drama of "The Hills."

Reason #3,989 to love Jennifer Lawrence: She eats on the phone.

In what is possibly the choicest J-Law moment ever to appear in print, Jennifer has to pause the shop talk for one very important exchange:

LAWRENCE: Um. Sorry, I'm eating Chinese food.

REDMAYNE: Chinese? What time is it where you are?

LAWRENCE: This is my breakfast.

REDMAYNE: I'm impressed, Lawrence!

LAWRENCE: I had it for dinner and breakfast, and I ordered so much that I'll probably have it for lunch.

And reason #477 to love Eddie Redmayne...

He calls Jennifer Lawrence, "Lawrence." Lawrence!

Read the entire J-Law/Ed-Red convo over at the Interview website.