Watch Chris Hemsworth Dancing And Rubbing His Pecs While Being Soaked With A Water Cannon

Four words: Soaking. Wet. Chris. Hemsworth.

The headline says it all (seriously, why are you even reading this?), but just to reiterate: This is a video from Chris Hemsworth's appearance on "The Tonight Show" to promote "Blackhat," where a game of Water Wars with Jimmy Fallon ended in the most glorious spectacle that has ever appeared on television, or anywhere else.

It takes a little while to get to the best part of the action, since Chris and Jimmy have to take turns dumping glasses of water over each other's heads first, but the payoff is worth every minute invested.

The payoff, once again, being the part where a soaking wet Chris Hemsworth dances and ecstatically rubs his body while being sprayed with a water cannon.