Can Johnny And Averey Overcome Their 'Exes' Drama, Or Will It Be Their Undoing?

They're a strong team, but their tension is affecting their focus.

When you survive Hurricane Nia, you should be able to weather any storm, but Johnny and Averey are coming apart at the seams on "Battle of the Exes 2."

The former "Real World: Portland" couple, who broke up over cheating rumors, have said they're the competition's only couple who exclusively talk on game day -- otherwise, they're relative strangers. As they proved last week, though, they can still compete with the best of 'em.

That is...until they can't.

In tonight's "Rounding the Bases" mission, Johnny and Averey were the very first team to be eliminated when very basic exercises in communication proved to be more than they could handle. So they earned a ticket straight to The Dome, where they met Thomas and Hailey, who were sentenced to potential elimination by new Power Couple Johnny Bananas and Nany.

In "Banded Together," Averey once again proved she's got a fighting spirit by besting Hailey to her personal finish line, and Johnny dug deep to meet her there and secure Team Blue's spot in the game. "We can get sh** done without liking each other!" Averey exclaimed while she celebrated her very first elimination win. But will that always be the case?

What do you think -- will Johnny and Averey be able to overcome their differences and tap into their true potential as a team? Or are they shooting themselves in the foot by allowing the black cloud to hover over their heads, and will they eventually get themselves ousted?