Now You Can Send Glitter To Your Enemies To Destroy Their Lives

Plush carpets everywhere will suffer. Muahahahaha!

Sometimes you just despise a person so much you want to inflict the greatest pain. Of course, that's never really an option because, well, many reasons: guilt, human morals, the law, availability of iron maidens. But now, you can give your haters the highest form of torture. There's no greater agony than having to pick glitter out of your carpet, fleck by tiny, sparkly fleck.

And this website will help you do it.

For just $9.99 AUD, Ship Your Enemies Glitter will send glitter to your nemesis' house with a note on why they suck so much, granted you provide them with the address. Here's how it works:

It's like angsty Blingee in real life.