Should Jason Come Clean About His 'Real World' Crush On Sylvia?

There are complications, so it might not be worth the risk.

For someone whose skeleton is still safely dangling from a hanger in his closet, Jason sure is stressed.

On tonight's "Real World: Skeletons" episode, the Wolf Pack's biggest guy showed off his sensitive side (you know, when he wasn't going rounds with Nicole). Jason addressed that he had a child on the way -- his first -- and though he and the baby's mother weren't together, he still had every intention of being in his daughter's life. Further, he still had every intention of pursuing romance while in Chicago, and his first point of attraction? None other than Sylvia. This could get complicated...

Beyond the fact that Jason's personal life is about to get muuuuch busier, Sylvia's already got a flirty relationship with Bruno. And if Jason makes his feelings clear, it could prove to be a recipe for in-house disaster -- or, at the very least, two stories' worth of eggshell-scattered flooring.

"There's something about her that I like, man," Jason confessed to Bruno, but added he was wary of coming between his friend and Sylvia.

So what do you think -- as Jason will soon assume his role as father, and considering Bruno and Sylvia could still potentially strike up a real romance, should Jason confess his true feelings to his housemate? Or would he be better off to keep his crush to himself?