17 Ways You Can Live Like Andy Dwyer, Even After 'Parks And Rec' Ends

Sorry...Burt Macklin. Live like Burt Macklin.

Tonight marks the beginning of the end for beloved sitcom "Parks and Recreation," the premiere episode of the show's final season. Before we start composing our future hit song, "Bye, Bye, Pawnee (5 Kabillion Candles In The Wind)," we have several weeks of back-to-back new episodes to watch.

We're all about taking our preparations for the end in steps. Today, we choose to pick up a few lessons from Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt), Pawnee City Hall's resident "simple, but fine" former shoeshine boy.

Here are 17 ways we can all live a little bit more like Andy, in preparation for a "Parks"-less planet. (Sniff.)

  1. Always appreciate fine cuisine.

    Like what you like, love what you love.

  2. Don't contain your enthusiasm.

    Everything IS awesome!

  3. Never lose your childlike sense of wonder.

    This is the facial equivalent of "!!!"

  4. Learn from the wonders of the animal kingdom.

    Monkey shoes!

  5. Recognize that the clothes make the man.

    And the man is AWESOME.

  6. Don't be afraid to be romantic.

    Valentine's Day...EVERY DAY.

  7. When meeting new people, talk about things that interest them.

    Stocks? Stocks!

  8. Be clear about your boundaries.

    A belt? See yourself out.

  9. Understand the importance of self-sacrifice.

    It's for the greater good.

  10. Travel the world!

    It's all there waiting for you.

  11. Always be willing to engage in a game of dress-up.

    Hands up.

  12. Recognize that money won't buy you happiness, but it will buy you food.

    Uh...freegan date?

  13. Admit when you're wrong.

    Sorry, Rebecca.

  14. Follow your heart.

    And why should you!

  15. Know your strengths.

    Put that on your resume!

  16. Realize the importance of history and those who came before you.

    They're the real treasures.

  17. Realize that, well, you're totally awesome.