We Have A Major Crush On Anna Kendrick's 'Nylon' Cover

Call us?

Anna Kendrick, actress extraordinaire and known boob connoisseur, has further confirmed her status as our favorite person ever thanks to her gorge new stint as Nylon's February cover babe. The fun spread is full of black and white menswear-inspired looks that are *nearly* as perfect as Anna herself.


This updated take on an Annie Hall-esque tie and vest combo is pretty dang sweet, no? Also, it kinda looks like Anna is hiding a secret. Could it be she's thinking about our future lives together as BFFz? Let's just go ahead and assume...


As expected, when it comes to body image, this Into The Woods princess is a certified kween.

"I was a very late bloomer. I was the smallest in my class, always telling myself, 'I'm never getting boobs!' I remember being comforted by hearing that guys like small boobs and big boobs. They like any boobs! At the time I was like, 'That is excellent news!'" Well, I think it's safe to say at this point, Anna, your late-bloomer status has been long forgotten.


I mean, has a skort ever looked this chic? Seriously, though. This would be the perfect winter work outfit (if it wasn't, you know, 10 degrees outside).


If everyone on earth could pull off a heavily embroidered bullfighter jacket the way Anna Kendrick does, maybe there would be world peace. Just sayin'.


Anna's actual BFF Aubrey Plaza (another one of our favorite people in the universe, BTW) described her friend to Nylon as “the weirdest combo of impulsive tequila-drinking party girl and 80-year-old senator’s wife from Vermont,” adding, “She loves Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, can rap ‘99 Problems’ from start to finish, scarfs down burgers in six-inch Louboutins, while beating you at Assassin’s Creed."

Welp, you can mark our Anna Kendrick obsession down as "healthy" and "continuing for all eternity."

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