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6 Surprising Things Girls May Find Attractive About A Guy's Dry Spell

Patience is a (hot) virtue.

On tonight's season premiere of “Guy Code” at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2, the guys are talking about dry spells. The unfortunate reality of your love life is that it can (and will) slow down at times. But you don’t have to let it turn you into that guy who’s defined by how badly he needs to get some.

If you can own it and maintain some swagger throughout your hookup hiatus, all hope is not lost. There are even attractive attributes that a dry spell can give you, helping to ensure that it’s only temporary...

  1. You have standards

    A dry spell doesn’t (necessarily) mean you’re holding out for The One, but it can mean you at least want to enjoy the company of whomever you're with. Most girls prefer a discerning dude over a guy who'd take home literally anyone.

    When options dry up, you don’t have to cast the widest and creepiest net possible. Relax and take some pride in your quest for quality over quantity, because a lot of ladies love that.

  2. You're available

    Don't lead with that, but the fact you're on the market puts you at an obvious advantage: Most girls aren't going to pursue a guy who's in a relationship. Is the unattainable sexy? Sometimes, but if a guy is honest and available, then the realistic option is sexier.

  3. You probably know what you're doing in the bedroom

    The weird upside of your situation is that you can’t miss what you’ve never had. So the presence of a dry spell communicates that you’ve been with girls before, but also not too much.

  4. You have time for hobbies and interests...

    You are not a dry spell guy! You're a dude with plenty of other ambitions to focus your energy on (read: not porn) until your sex life picks up. As a result, you'll have more to talk about with girls (again, not porn) than guys who only have a one-track mind.

    Do something productive with your dry spell -- start a band, take an improv class or just go to the gym more -- and maybe you won't be trapped in it for long.

  5. ...and can talk with girls about their hobbies and interests

    The unshakeable arrogance from getting lucky all the time can often result in a guy who's difficult to communicate with because he thinks he doesn't need to try anymore. The opposite effect can work to your advantage, because you'll put in the conversational effort. A little time spent asking a girl about her life will go a long way.

  6. When you finally hook up with someone, you'll appreciate her

    At this point, you've waited long enough to feel some gratitude for her being there. Show it and make her feel respected. Even if it was a casual and you never see each other again, a bad hookup rarely ends with a "thank you."

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