She Taught Us Proper Condom Use, Now Zara Larsson Teaches Us To Dance With Uncover

We have the exclusive premiere of this bad-ass Swedish songstress' latest EP.

Zara Larsson was already a well-known face in her home country of Sweden when her leg got some viral love stateside last week.

Um, huh?

We'll explain in a second, but first, we're pretty excited to announce that we have the premiere of Larsson's EP, Uncover, exclusively at -- and we gotta say, its worthy of some viral love itself.

Now back to that leg. Last week, one of Larsson's Instagram photos blew up after she shared a snap of her leg sheathed in a condom, the caption reading, “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT." Larsson's photo was greeted with copious empathetic nods, cheers and, "THANK YOU"s -- as the truth oft is.

Larsson's genius doesn't merely extend to shooting down dudes who think nothing of STDs, however; the 17-year-old is also something of pop star in Sweden -- and for good reason. She's got a serious club-girl-Rihanna-meets-Robyn thing going on there, from Miley-esque banger "I Wanna Be Your Baby" to the slow and sexy "Never Gonna Die" to the delicate, thrumming hummer "Carry You Home" to her hit jam "Uncover."

Listen with your dude/chick on your next hot date -- and remember the lesson Larsson hath imparted upon us all when the inevitable dancing leads to certain other inevitable things.