To Celebrate Beau Mirchoff's Birthday, We Got YOU A Present: His Best Shirtless Pics

You're welcome.

Today is Beau Mirchoff's 26th birthday, and rather than gift him with fancy things and diamond rings, we've decided to gift ourselves... with shirtless photos and GIFs of Matty McKibben. Thanks to his relationships with the cray-cray Eva and total sweetheart Gabby -- plus his nail-biter of a constant on-again-off-again coupling with Jenna -- there are several pics of Matty in all his "Awkward" pectoral glory, and we've rounded them up for you right here. In the famous words of our favorite resident biatch Sadie Saxton, you're welcome.

  1. The broom closet tryst

    In the series pilot, when Jenna found herself locked in a utility closet with her camp crush Matty, all bets — and tops – were off! (And we were immediately hooked on "Awkward.")

  2. Ming who?

    This sexy shot of McKibben almost makes us forget how much we miss Ming... and her amazing variety of animal hats.

  3. Sexy time in the sanctuary

    We prefer this use of the bleachers to the alternative — watching sweaty dudes kick balls around. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!

  4. Even when Matty's behaving like a goober...

    ...he can still keep his shirt off, and we'd be totally okay with it.

  5. That one time Matty lived with Jenna

    Jenna got pretty sick of Matty being underfoot 24/7 way back when he moved in to the Hamilton house during Season 3, but frankly, we didn't mind one bit.

  6. Sadie finally got her wish...

    ...and so did we.

  7. Shirtless gaming

    Three was a crowd for Jenna but a treat for us!

  8. Between the sheets

    So maybe it wasn't always bliss for Jenna, but it was for us. If we had a dollar for every time we've seen Matty's nipples, we'd be crazy happy filthy rich.

  9. Happy Birthday, Beau!

    And happy birthday to us. Leave your best wishes for Beau in the comments!