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Judge Says Iggy Azalea's Ex Can't Sell Her Music Anymore

The case is still ongoing.

After racking up plenty of wins in 2014, Iggy Azalea just got an early victory in the New Year.

According to TMZ, a judge issued a preliminary injunction ruling that the rapper's ex, Hefe Wine, born Maurice Williams, can't sell allegedly stolen songs and use Iggy's name to promote them.

Last year, he put out Inizio, a mixtape with songs that the Australian says he stole off of her laptop, and were never meant to be heard by the masses. The tracks were recorded in 2008.

The suit, which Iggy brought against Williams last year, included a total of nine complaints, including copyright infringement as well as claims about a forged contract.

This is the same ex, by the way, who says he has a sex tape with the Grammy-nominated artist.

Though the judge ruled on this specific matter, the case is still ongoing.