9 Times Kyle MacLachlan Was One Killer Slice Of Cherry Pie

Agent Dale Cooper is back, and dreamier than ever.

If you're a longtime fan of vintage weirdo TV murder mystery "Twin Peaks" -- or a recent convert, thanks to the show's binge-watch-ability on Netflix -- then you're already familiar with the chiseled visage of Kyle Maclachlan, a.k.a. Special Agent Dale Cooper. And even if you haven't firewalked with him, you might still have seen Agent Cooper sipping coffee on your Tumblr dashboard a time or two, because... well, you know.

That "haunted hottie" look never goes out of style, does it?

But whether you know him as a cult TV star or just a random cutie, there's delightful news circulating now for all Kyle Maclachlan enthusiasts: He's returning to the role that made him famous, appearing as Dale Cooper in Showtime's upcoming reboot of "Twin Peaks."

So, hey, what better time to put together a list of our favorite Mclachlan moments over the years? Below, we've rounded up nine times that the actor was, excuse us, one damn fine cup of man.

  1. When he kept his lips kissably lubricated.
  2. When he had the sweetest sweet tooth.
  3. When he wanted to keep us up all night...
  4. ...And of course, that time he didn't.
  5. When we would have paid any amount of money to be that match.
  6. When he made an "oopsie" face.
  7. When he took some time in his busy schedule for fitness.
  8. When he knew who killed Laura Palmer.
  9. And of course, when we found out that he'd be back for Twin Peaks 2.0. Why? 'Cause we wanted him to... and like Audrey Horne, we get what we want.