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Kim Kardashian Is Going To Teach North West To Be ‘Really Strong’ For The Inevitable Haters

So North won't care if you write 'nasty things' about her.

Haters gonna hate but, Kim Kardashian isn't listening.

The reality star was photographed looking all sorts of gorgeous while frolicking on the beach of Booderee National Park for her very first cover of Australian Vogue. And between glamor shots, Kim sat down with the mag to discuss the constant media scrutiny she faces.

"I think the biggest misconception about me is probably that I don't work hard and everything comes easy," she said. "I like to prove people wrong and just live my life and do what I do and work hard, and I'm proud of that."

And to all those people that love to say things about her on social media, Mrs. West is calling them out, insisting that if they actually met her in person, they wouldn't dare say all those harsh comments to her face.

"Everyone has critics. I think its really hard to live in a world where there are so many people judging you," the reality TV star added. "I guarantee more than half the time, of the things that people say on the internet they would never say to your face."

And because Kim has seen her fair share of haters, she said she'll make sure to teach her daughter, North West, the downside of fame, so she can learn early how to ignore all the "nasty things."

"Since I've become a mom I've figured out how to prioritize it the best that I ever have. It's definitely harder, but you figure it out," she said before later adding, "I'm going to teach my daughter to be really strong so not everyone can just write nasty things."