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'Finding Carter' Star Seeks A Warrior's Spirit In New CBS Miniseries

Can Kathryn Prescott stave off the Romans?

On "Finding Carter," Kathryn Prescott plays a rebellious teen who's constantly on the run, but in the actress' next project, she's ready to plant her feet and fight.

According to Deadline, Prescott will sharpen her knives for a role in CBS' miniseries "The Dovekeepers," based on Alice Hoffman's 2011 novel. The story follows a group of young women in 70 CE whose tribe is fighting to stave off the Romans' invasion of Masada, a mountaintop fortress near the Dead Sea. While one woman is focused on healing her people and another on discovering her true identity, Prescott's character wants only to fight and to secure a future for those she loves.

"What attracted me is it had these amazingly powerful and courageous women," said producer Roma Downey yesterday at the Winter TV Press Tour 2015, where the trailer below was screened for critics. "For many years as an actress, myself, I was always looking for the story or scripts that really put women out front and center. This does that. It’s profoundly moving."

Take a peek at "The Dovekeepers" below, and tune in to Part I on Tuesday, March 31 on CBS. Plus, hang tight to catch Prescott in the return of "Finding Carter," which premieres on March 31!