Worst Smuggler Ever Tapes 94 iPhones To His Body, Sets Off Metal Detector

Man busted in China with bodysuit comprising $49,000 worth of Apple tech.

A Hong Kong man who allegedly strapped 94 iPhones to his body, in order to sneak them into mainland China, got busted last Sunday in the most obvious way possible, CNN reports. While trying to cross into the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, this human iPhone Voltron was forced to go through a metal detector, and the ruse was over.

Under his clothes, authorities say they found a suit of armor comprising dozens of iPhone 5S and 6 models strapped to his body with duct tape and plastic wrap. Call it the "Wolf Of Wall Street" method.

The 94 phones had an estimated value of $49,000 in China. According to CNN, there's a major black market for iPhones traveling from Hong Kong to China, because in China they go for a higher price; for instance, a 64 GB iPhone 6 retails for $820 in Hong Kong but $1,000 in the mainland. In Shenzhen alone, customs agents disclosed that since December they have nabbed 18 people with smuggled electronics strapped to their bodies, totaling 282 iPhones.

With the Apple Watch, Google Glass and phablets, we're all heading toward a future in which the latest gadget is the Apple iSuit anyway, so maybe this guy is just an early adopter.