Kid Sends Letter To All 32 NFL Teams To Decide Who To Root For, Only This One Responds

This 12-year-old needed a team to support, so he asked them. All of them.

Sports fandom and team loyalty have changed thanks to the access of the internet and, most significantly, fantasy sports. In this day and age, location and family ties are just part of the rooting equation.

So it's understandable that, faced with this overwhelming choice about which NFL team to support, a 12-year-old in Oklahoma decided the best way to decide was to ask the teams. Sixth grader Cade Pope, a former Rams fan -- because of his allegiance to Sam Bradford -- sent a letter to each owner in the league, asking which team he should root for. And only the Carolina Panthers responded.

Owner Jerry Richardson reportedly sent Pope a handwritten letter stating, "Cade, we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud by the classy way we represent you."

Appealing to classiness might not be the most effective strategy for getting a child's attention, so the letter also came with a replica Panthers helmet signed by linebacker Luke Kuechly. Plus, it's not like the kid had other options.

"If this is the only team that responds to me, I'm a Carolina Panthers fan," Pope told KWTV.

But props to him for not taking the easy way out as a frontrunner; the world didn't need another Patriots or Cowboys fan. Watch the video below for more: