Here's A Genius Trick For Stealing Pizza From Your Friends

Swipe slices without getting caught red-sauce-handed.

One of the benefits of throwing a pizza party is knowing that you'll have some leftover za to enjoy the next day, whether cold for breakfast or microwaved for a floppy dinner. (As the saying goes, bad pizza is better than no pizza.)

But what if your friends or roommates are pizza hogs, so you're spending the night stressing about whether you'll have some extra slices of your own? A new how-to video solves this pressing issue with a nifty little trick for stealing pizza from your buddies. (As the other saying goes, there are no rules in love and pizza.)

Since you can't just snag a few slices and throw them into the fridge without anyone noticing the triangle-shaped voids left in the pie, YouTube how-to guru Dave Hax has devised a brilliant method that will leave your pizza-addled friends oblivious, in just four quick cuts:

As you can see, the catch is that you'll need to be away from the group, perhaps in the kitchen while they're playing Cards Against Humanity or watching the game. And it's easiest on a homemade pie (or a place like Venezia's from "Breaking Bad" that lets you slice your own pie), but it can certainly be done on a pre-cut pizza. We'd also suggest making strips smaller than the ones depicted, or everyone will realize that the large has somehow morphed into a small.